Friday, 25 August 2017

KWL Chart - Not so normal

KWL on Not so Normal

What I know?
What I want to know?
What have I learnt?
  • Normal was wandering around the road and dad went and brought him home
  • Normal thinks that everywhere is far from Eketahuna
  • Tj showed Normal around the farm
  • Normal was from T27 which is on a galaxy called Andromeda galaxy
  • Normal began to glow
  • Where was Normal found?

  • What was Normal searching for on the farm?

  • Why was Normal not Normal?

  • If Normal was not from earth then where was he from?
  • He was found wandering around Tj and her father’s road

  • He was searching for his spaceship to go back home

  • Normal said “Called Normal, look Normal.”

  • He was from T27 a planet in the Andromeda galaxy?

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