Monday, 10 July 2017


When ‘Whale Rider’ finishes, you and your tour group enjoy a delicious meal in downtown Nelson before heading back to your hotel. You need to go to bed early because you have to get up at 4:30 a.m. the next morning to travel back to Farewell Spit to see a group (pod) of Hector’s Dolphins. It is going to be an early morning!
Bonus Activity: Hector’s dolphins are a very special native animal found only in New Zealand. They are the smallest dolphin in the world measuring 1.5 metres long and they are quite rare. Sadly, many Hector’s dolphins are killed every year when they get caught in large fishing nets and can’t escape. Some people have argued that fishermen shouldn’t be allowed to fish in Farewell Spit in order to protect the dolphins living there. What do you think? On your blog, tell us whether you think that fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned (stopped).
I think that fishing in Farewell spit SHOULD be banned. The reason is that they are killing innocent animals. These animals are almost extinct and these animals are growing less and less!
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Bonus Activity: 10 points


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Its Lusia Here, I totally agree with you, fishermen should be illegally banned from the farewell spit!
    Loving to see your everyday blogs! Keep it up!

    Lusia Pahulu

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your personal opinion about the fisherman at Farewell Spit. It's sad to see our Hector dolphins get hurt by our commercial fisherman. Did you find any other interesting facts? I would love to read more about what you think. I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the Hector dolphins.

    I look forward to reading your next post Sarah.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Sarah
    I agree with you - Hector's dolphins are only found in New Zealand waters and if we keep killing them, there might be none left in the future. Keep up the excellent work.