Friday, 14 July 2017

WLJ - Day 5 Activity 2

Activity 2: After the adventure at The Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve, you are pretty happy to get back into the shuttle van and continue with your road trip. Over the next few hours you travel up and over the Southern Alps, arriving in the city of Christchurch to eat lunch. You have a delicious meal at a café downtown and then hop back into the van to travel to Twizel, a small town at the base of Aoraki-Mt Cook. Mt Cook is the largest mountain in New Zealand. It is also the mountain where Sir Edmund Hillary trained for his climb up Mt Everest the tallest mountain in the world. Sir Edmund Hillary is very famous because he was the first person to ever reach the top of Mt Everest!

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Sir Edmund Hillary pic.jpg
Now it is your turn to learn about a famous New Zealander. Use Google to research one famous person from New Zealand and then create a DLO (Digital Learning Object) and post it on your blog. Be sure to include: 1. The name of the famous person, 2. Where they were born, 3. Why they are famous, and 4. Two other interesting facts about them.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    You have put a lot of effort into your google drawing. If you had to do a DLO on someone else, who would it be? Keep up the good work! :)


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  2. Hola Sarah!,

    Great work!, I enjoyed reading your interesting DLO on Sir Edmund Hilary. Do you have any other New Zealand inspirations?, if so please share with me:). You've done a spectacular job.

    I recommend you visit my blog if you're in need of help or need a little bit of inspiration for your next few blogs for I have completed the WLJ.

    Keep up the excellent work!.

    Kind regards,

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  3. Hey Sarah,
    It's nice seeing you blog! I hope your having a great Summer so far! I really enjoyed your blog post,especially your facts about Sir Edmund Hillary! Your facts gave me the exact picture of what he was like.Two more days until your finished,Keep it up! Your nearly there!


  4. Hola Sarah,

    I really like how you are Blogging this Winter and Its Terrific. I hope to see you Blogging through the Days but anyways, Keep it up and Ty youe best

    Best Wishes xxx
    Good Luck on your Blog posts!!! :))

    Have a great day!

    1. Thxx and gracias! I wish you good luck too! bye!

  5. Talofa Sarah,

    I enjoyed reading your DLO about Sir Edmund Hillary. You detailed some interesting facts that I did not know. I have learnt something today Thanks to you.

    Great to see you blogging with us. Ka Pai!


  6. Hi Sarah
    Good job on your DLO about Sir Edmund Hillary. Did he die of natural causes? Also, was he the first climber to get knighted. Keep up the excellent work.