Monday, 22 May 2017

Room 10's first

This morning room 10 went to the hall.We went there for our first netball lesson.Also it was due to the weather.Their was a girl named Christie who taught us how to play netball.

The first warm-up was bullrush.Also we did smart netball warm-up. Furthermore we did the smart netball warm-up so we can prevent knee and ankle injuries.

After that we began our first activity.We were doing different netball techniques.We did stepping and crouching down while running around the cones.We also had to pass the ball to each other.

Then we played a game called zig-zag relay tag.We were split into 4 groups.We did the same thing in the activity,but we had to touch something and then run back and tag the other person.Well group 4 had won twice.What i enjoyed the most was the zig-zag relay tag because we had put effort and we encouraged each other.Well I felt very energized and pleased to go to our first netball lesson.

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