Monday, 22 May 2017

Kiwi sports

On Thursday at 9:40am Room 10 had Kiwi sports. We all went down to the school hall because it was raining. We went there for Room 10’s netball lesson. When we arrived we met Antonia and Chrissy who were our coaches for the day!

The first thing we did was an exciting warm-up. Our first warm-up was shore, shark and sea.The shore was on our left, the sea on our right and the shark in the middle of the hall. We went out one by one. Me and Maya were the last standing, but we went out eventually.  

The first activity we did was passes. There are 4 different types of passes in netball. There are chest passes, bounce passes, overhead passes and shoulder passes. We also used the passing techniques in a game called Grow and Shrink. The game was very tiring.

Next we all got split up into 4 teams. We were all walking and doing things with the ball. Then we did a relay game. After that we had to complete a task and sit down with our hands on our heads. Also we did techniques with the ball like through our legs, around our body, over and under and throw up and clap 3 times.

After that team 3 had won the challenge. Next we got our things and lined up and went back to class. Finally I felt energised and can’t wait until next week for another netball lesson.

By: Sarah
Room 10

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