Friday, 5 May 2017

Geometrical shapes

This morning room 10 had fitness on the netball court with Mrs Raj and Miss Card. We were learning how to make geometrical shapes. We made shapes with our bodies.

When we were at the court Mrs Raj told us what shape to make. We made the shapes within our group. The groups had leaders who got us to make the shapes. The leaders were Maya and Kestrel.

The shapes my group made were a square, a circle and a diamond. We got people from the other group to help us to make larger shapes like the trapezium and rectangle. After we made the shapes Miss Card was taking photos.

After making the shapes we had to say 3  facts about each shape that we made. We then searched for shapes around the court. We did star jumps, push ups, step ups and jump up and touch our toes. We ran around the rectangular court 2 times. Both groups won the many challenges Mrs Raj gave us to do. We lined up and walked back to class. We learned geometry while doing fitness. I enjoyed it. 20170505_093225.jpg

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