Thursday, 29 June 2017

Kiwican lesson


On Thursday room 10 went to kiwican next door.We had Ms Tuia and Mr Numia.We lined up outside and we went in and sat in 4 lines.We then got questions from Mr Numia and we answered them. After that we got onto our first activity.

We got into a 2 circles and a chair was in between.Then we walked around the circle until Ms Tuia said stop.Then the person in front of them in between the chairs compliment each others.We had to say positive things instead of negative things about each other.We were a little shy but we did it.

After that we did the next activity was the GKQ.We got in the groups of 4 and we got some questions.We had got asked questions and we had to answer them back. We ran out of time but we then had to go back to class. But before we can go back to class we did what we usually do when we are at kiwican, our chant!

Our chant:
Thank you kiwican,
1 2 3


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