Friday, 23 June 2017

Fire Incident


Margaret (Mum), Thomas (Little brother), John ( Dad), Rachel (big sister) and Kathy (Next door neighbour)

One day on a bright lovely morning Margaret was cooking some eggs and sausages for breakfast. It was Rachel, Margaret and John awake, Thomas was the only one fast asleep. Margaret turned the stove on high, then put pan on it and put some vegetable oil in. She popped some sausages in the pan and she needed to use the restroom. She then told John to look at the pan. John was reading newspaper and Rachel was in the lounge watching tv.

A couple of Minutes passed John forgot about the sausages, so did Rachel. Rachel smelt something burning and so she asked John “Dad do you smell that?” Then he said “Yeah I do, it looks likes it is coming from the kitchen”. After he went to look at the pan the pan was on fire and that it was starting to spread! John got a big jug and filled it up with cold water, he splashed the water on the fire! The water just made it worse! It got bigger and bigger. When Margaret came out she was terrified!

After that Margaret's eyes were filled with tears. John called everybody in the house to get out! He sprinted upstairs to get Rachel’s little brother Thomas. Then they had realised that the fire started to spread into the lounge, it was amazingly fast! The only way out was through the back door. They screamed and shouted as they ran towards it.

As my margaret and Rachel  was out of the house to safety, they could hear the screams of Thomas. Margaret dialed 111 immediately, she wanted them to come as soon as possible, as she was calling the fire department. Rachel was worried sick about Thomas and John when they were still in the house. They came out and they were covered in ashes from the fire. The neighbours there street came out to look. They were surprised and shocked! Their next door neighbour (Kathy) saw and she ran straight to the back of her house and grabbed the hose. Water came out of the hose.

The other neighbours did the same thing. 5 minutes passed and the fire department finally arrived. They arrived and the fire stopped. Margaret apologised to the fire department since the fire had already gone out. But Margaret was definitely thanking Kathy for her help and the other neighbours. But Margaret was mostly joyful that her  family was safe and sound. Finally they then got to stay in Kathy’s house and waited till the insurance company helped them rebuild their house.

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