Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WLJ - Day 7

  1. #Keep New Zealand Beautiful
Dawn breaks on Day #7 – the final day of your Great Kiwi Road Trip. You wake up early, ready to make the long trek back to Auckland. Along the way, Curious Kiwi stops at two beautiful places, Taupo and Rotorua, for you to get out and walk around.
Activity 1: While in Taupo, you go for a walk around the lake and you notice pieces of rubbish floating in the water. You also notice that there is rubbish on the footpath. As you know, it is really important to put rubbish in the bin and keep New Zealand clean and beautiful for generations to come. C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\NZ Map - Schematic.png
With that in mind, it is time think about what you can do to keep New Zealand beautiful. Use your imagination and come up with three things that you could do to make your neighbourhood more beautiful. Post your list on your blog ☺

  1. Look around the neighbourhood for rubbish!
  2. If you see rubbish then pick it up
  3. Last but not least put it in the right bin!


  1. Talofa Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your 3 things to keep our neighbourhood clean. I like your initiative to pick up rubbish you see and put it in the bin. Often, I have seen people drop their litter and walk past rubbish. I hope the message gets out to the community to pick up any rubbish they see even if it's not their rubbish.

    Awesome work Sarah!


  2. Hi Sarah
    Your ideas will definitely help get your neighborhood clean! They are all excellent. Keep up the good work.