Saturday, 8 April 2017

Grace Joel performance

On the 7th of march some of the students at Glenbrae school performed at Grace Joel retirement village in St Heliers. The performance started at 11:30 so we were in a hurry.After a couple of minutes after school started most students got ready and so we were getting dressed after 10am. Most of us dressed in the hall and we were very excited to hop on the bus and get going.After  we were finished getting dressed  we hopped on the bus and left

Once we arrived we hopped off and once we were inside students started to greet other people and elder people.We then went into a large lounge area and then we introduced ourselves.Our principal Mrs Elia started to greet us in front of the elders who were watching us.After our school was introduced we then started performing our items.

The first item was the haka they were very loud.Also they were doing the that the all blacks performed at the world cup.They were very loud but there was only a couple of people that was in the haka.

The first group who was up was the kapahaka group.We sang two songs,the first song was Te Aroha and Pureanei. We also had actions for both songs.After the kapahaka group performed the Tongan who was the row behind the first row.

The Tongan group had did a dance which were a tradition to the Tongan culture.As we were getting ready to dance i was scared and nervous because i was in the dance.After we had finished dancing we were very proud of ourselves and the teachers were too.

The group after us was the Samoans who was doing the Sasa. Mrs Tofa was doing drumming while they were performing.They were both females and males dancing in the Sasa. Furthermore they were wearing the colour blue.

After the Sasa was the Tongan boys. They were very brave so they performed very well.Also it only took a couple of days for the boys to learn the dance.The also had a head piece on their head which is traditional to the Tongan culture. 

Next was the Cook Island group and that was on two of them in that group.They were both girls, first up was Maara and she did it on her own.Than after Maara did on her own, than the two girls came together and did it together.They danced to a very fast beat.

Then after all the performances were done than a man named Author had come up and asked on person from each group to answer questions.When he had finished asking questions he had said that we had a surprise.It was a treat which was candy.Everybody got one each and that we took it back to school.

Finally we hopped in the bus ad than drove back to school.I was very happy that we performed at Grace Joel.We than went back to school and got undressed.That was the best experience I
ever had.

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