Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why is school an important place in our community?

Why is GI library important in our community?

WALT:We are learning about why is the GI library so important in the community?

The GI library is important because it help us with our learning because they have thousands of books.They also access to the internet.We can also issue our books to take home with our library cards.

The books in the library are for people all ages.Most people that are in high school go to the library for group studies.Sometimes they can go alone.Also most people go for programmes that happen in the library.

They can also have schools come in for programmes as well.They also perform shows for kids from different schools around the community.We also have people go to meet up with others for group studies.

It is a information centre.They can get information from books to help you with something.Most people go to the computers and search up things they need help with.

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